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Going through my fears

Going through my fears

Today, I was asking myself : « But what am i going to write about ? »

Someone told me recently : « Use your tarot decks also for your business ». Well, here is the answer ! I am going to do just that, I am going to pull 3 cards (actually I picked 4), and I will know what to say while contemplating them. How cool is that !!

So here are my cards :

I often had the desire to communicate with you, to write to you and tell you some things I experiment, et most of the time, I didn’t do it, because I felt stuck into my fears, my old beliefs… as for example : « Who could be interested in what I have to say ? If I talk about my experience, who would benefit from it ? Etc etc ». Je was locking myself into my own judgements, and they would generate so much anxiety, I wouldn’t move anymore, I would remain motionless and unsatisfied.

And then, this week, I decided that this pattern had fulfilled its mission to protect me from rejection, condamnation, judgement from others, protect me from the risk of being seen… and if I didn’t want to suffocate under its protection, I had to thank it for its help and take back into my hands this part of my life…

I understood why this pattern had maintained me into silence and isolation, why I had believed in its illusion, and now, it depends on me to make things change, to chose carefully the thoughts I would give my faith and power to.

Today, I chose to believe that yes, some people care and are interested in what I have to say; that yes, my experience may serve some or inspire at the very least, and that yes, it is great to share with you, also for the satisfaction it gives me to follow my heart !

So you see, I am writing to you, I contemplate the cards that came for me today, and I see in myself the appeal to go through my fears, to turn to you and take the risk to be judged and rejected, but also the risk to be welcomed, understood, heard and received ! I see that I have something to give, and I can’t keep it longer inside of me.

I see that I am standing across the howling wolves of my fears and that suddenly, by this simple act of standing up, a beautiful white silence descends on us, the wolves return in the forest and I stay in the Presence… The only thing I need right now is to say YES ! Rebirth, resurrection, opening, giving…

Then the 4th card comes crowning the 3 others, with its pure joy and celebration of heart, sharing of being together on the planet, helping each other.

So, if you too, you have fears who prevent you to move and share and communicate, or act; if you too, you let your beliefs paralyse you, allow yourself to open the window on the bright blue sky ! I will be there, as a bird song, inviting you to open your wings and fly ! Yes, it’s scary, but fears will shut up as soon as you chose to take back what’s yours ! Your freedom and rise, the magic of believing in ourselves, our faith…

Come ! Say yes to yourself ! Go out of your prison and shine ! Allow yourself a little step closer to you… The world needs more suns, more human beings alive and on, who might be afraid sometimes and who stand straight and answer their inner soul calling.

Sometimes we need help, I know I did ! So, if you need assistance, I can work with you, anywhere in the world, through Internet (Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Messenger etc), or by phone and for the local people, here in my office in Danville, Qc, Canada. You can join me by texto or phone at 819-460-3379, or by email at

I also have a beautiful Cd of storytelling and harp, with this touching story about freedom in it, for the francophiles or the francophones amongst you ! A nice Christmas gift… I can send it to you with great pleasure !

In the meantime, take care and say yes to yourself !

Christine-Claire, tarolière

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