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Serving the beauty of the world 

Do you feel intrigued or called by Tarot ?  This unique tool of meaning and consciousness brings you clarity and confirmations. 

It brings you back on your life's path, in alignment with your true nature. 

A mirror for your soul, a companion of awakening... 


Wherever you are in the world, I can work with you through internet (FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger), by phone or for the local people, here in my office in Danville, Qc, Canada. 

All the Tarot Readings I provide are coming from a Soul connection, and help you align with your truth and your inner calling.

Let's have a look at my services ! 

  • Tarot Reading 30mn : 50$ - 50 euros

  • Tarot reading 45mn : 70$ - 70 euros

  • Tarot Reading 1h : 90$ - 90 euros

  • Grand Tarot 2020 : 130$ - 130 euros

  • Birth Tarot : 180$ - 180 euros

To book your reading with me, you just need to email or text me so we can schedule an appointment together ! or 819-460-3379

I am delighted to help you in anyway possible 😊

Just call or write to me and we will plan something together !

Have a great day in the meantime, 


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